Where we come from!

CRYPTAS was founded in 2003 by several smart card specialists who made valuable work experiences in their former professions.

Successful projects need more than technical genius! They need careful consideration and integration into the day-to-day routine of a business.

the old CRYPTAS logo from 2004 - 2010

The three business fields: project business (knowledge), smart card development (solution) and commerce (logistics) have existed since the beginning. The initial geographical focus was on the DACH region.


Where we are now!

The three business fields got their own identities and brand names and now we are prepared to establish new areas of operation and unite them under the name of  CRYPTAS.

We started with only three people but have grown to 22 people and have now branched out into Germany. Our in –house developed solutions are deployed to the well-known customers.


Now we are ready for the next step!


Where we are going!

Our focus is still on the DACH region, whereas more of our own solutions are being used in worldwide projects.

We expect our current research projects to bear fruit and open up new markets and new business areas, like e.g. the current project  PECA - Personal Emergency Card - an availability system for medical data.


We are engaged in the development of an identity ecosystem, an Identity Federation or eID 2.0.


These innovative and ultimately put into practice product ideas allow for more opportunities in enterprises. Identities and processes can go beyond the borders of organizations now and interface issues of any kind are past tense.