The specialist for certificate-based solutions in complex system environments.


We create, manage and protect identities.

CRYPTAS was launched in 2003 with the vision to design a safer digital world through applied cryptography. With innovative solutions and products around the technological cornerstones of PKI, smart cards, and associated management systems, CRYPTAS has gained more than 40,000 clients in 100+ countries ever since. Our customers include major international corporations as well as several leading industrial companies within several business areas.

Today, CRYPTAS is known as THE specialist for certificate-based solutions in complex system environments. This includes solutions for secure digital identities for employees and clients - including strong authentication and encryption - as well as protecting devices and system identities on a larger scale (IoT). Specific products used include PKI systems with HSM protection, physical as well as virtual smart cards, digital signature solutions with assorted characteristics, database encryption, encryption of file systems and cloud environments, and trustworthy certificates.

To meet market requirements and suit smaller organizations, we focus on the efficiency and scalability of our products. In our own trust center - primesign TRUST CENTER - millions of transactions are signed daily, and thousands of qualified onboardings are processed via remote identity verification procedures. Also, we offer a 24x7 support service and an online shop, where hardware and software are sold, including those used in PKI projects.

The CRYPTAS group is based in Vienna and has subsidiaries in Graz, Düsseldorf, Hengelo and Stockholm.