What is CRYONS doing?

CRYONS is working closely with the other teams: COHORS (Consulting and Integration) and CRYPTOSHOP. All business areas benefit from this cooperation, because innovative solutions can be implemented in projects and far-reaching customer requests can be handled. CRYONS can therefore accumulate exigencies from solution operators as well as customers, which has a significant influence for our own trendsetting product development.

With such innovative ideas CRYONS received research funding from FFG and ZIT. This way the core product, the smart card platform, was developed, which is now deployed in an Austrian-wide solution with several thousand simultaneously active users.

During another research project CAVE was developed, which is a server based smart card middleware without a client: clientless smart card communication. This technology is being implemented in more and more projects - especially through online services with a requirement of secure authentication and digital signature.

CRYONS covers a wide spectrum of technologies and system environments with heterogeneous settings, scalability, availability and a high security requirement.