/ Our focus

Since CRYPTAS was founded, some of our team even longer, it has been dealing with every topic of strong authentication and smart cards. We support our customers with consultingand with the realization of concepts. We develop integration solutions and our own key technologies for special purpose applications. But all in all we can say:

The smart card is our focus.

/ CRYPTAS is the specialist for logical access, which means strong authentication and 2-Factor Authentication. (multi factor authentication)

  • logical access; secure system logon.
  • Single Sign on
  • Portal-log-on (clientless authentication)


/ CRYPTAS is the specialist for securing the digital identity, for encryption and digital signature.

  • encryption of the communication channel; Remote work, VPN,...
  • email encryption
  • data encryption
  • digital signatures


that's why / CRYPTAS is the specialist for digital identitiy 

  • Identity Federation
  • Webportal Log-On (clientless authentication)
  • Online-signature solutions


/ Our expertise has its own trademarks



COHORS: implements and integrates turnkey solutions in the challenging environment of big organizations. With COHORS the security processes around the digital identity in a corporation come to life. Yes, this is the right place for me...


CRYONS: knows what to do! Detailled technical knowledge in smarcard business permits us to answer your questions proficiently! Great, I always wanted to know...


CRYPTOSHOP: immediate availability saves time, well-established logistic supply chains guarantee a smooth execution of all hardware- and therefore project-related tasks. Good to know, I need ...


/ Our partners expertise

We appreciate the technical skills and cutting-edge mode of operation of our partners. This assists us and ultimately you.

CRYPTAS' Partners