Corporate Vision
CRYPTAS it-Security GmbH





Each and every employee of CRYPTAS it-Security GmbH contributes to the positive image of the company though their actions, their hard work and their effort while tackling different tasks. This image is a fundamental part of CRYPTAS' prestige and success.

Therefore the whole staff are committed to apply themselves according to the company’s mission statement. This behaviour is essential both inside and outside CRYPTAS’ four walls.

This overall statement is the base of our self-image and principles as well as our point of view on how to deal with our clients’ needs and views and how to preserve a pleasant working atmosphere.


Our mission statement helps us keep our focus on what we stand for and what we still need to achieve. It also serves our customers to get an idea about us and to measure our efforts regarding customer care management.  This clarifies how this company, is planning to advance itself successfully.


That is why we need to adhere to our own values and principles so that our clientele can measure our performance accordingly




/ When approaching challenges which cross our path, we feel compelled to act professionally.

First, we take a good, unbiased, look at a problem and then we analyse it, which is a basic but very important procedure.

In the next step we try to find a detailed solution perfectly tailored to the issue at hand.

We make this possible, because our team works in a well-organized and structured way, while always focusing on the big picture.


/ All of CRYPTAS’ employees are key personnel and specialists for the solutions we offer.

Because of our long operating experience, we are able to execute professional solutions tailored to our customers’ requirements based on realistic circumstances.

Therefore we are a trustworthy and reliable partner for our colleagues, partners and most importantly for our customers.

Customer orientated

/ As a constant and consistent partner we are open our customers’ needs and concerns of our clients and take them very seriously.

We provide the necessary sensitivity, straightforwardness and patience to cope with difficult situations calmly and steadfast.


/ We are always open for new developments to enhance our know-how. We are open-minded enough to test and implement new and creative approaches to problem solving. We create new and creative solutions and ideas testing and then implementing them. Because of that, we can establish ourselves as a leading and lasting company.


/ For our customers, business partners and employees, we are a steadfast, devoted and responsible partner who always supports and assists them in overcoming challenges and difficulties.