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Data is the fuel for the digital economy and the digital society. In an increasingly connected world with the sprawling usage of cloud-based IT systems, secure access to data is essential. The only effective protection against unauthorized use or dissemination of data is the implementation of encryption and digital signature measures. While encryption and digital signatures are relatively easy to implement, managing the secure life-cycle of keys and digital certificates is much more challenging and must be well-designed and integrated into IT systems and processes.

CRYPTAS offers customized and demand-oriented PKI solutions to securely protect your data.


In the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous devices interact and communicate continuously with each other. Such interactions or communications often have implications that may be physical (e.g., a vehicle moves), financial (e.g., a payment is made), or otherwise significant to human welfare. Therefore, it is essential that interacting “things” can trust each other and that the authenticity and integrity of their communications is assured at all times. Establishing and maintaining trust in the IoT generally relies on cryptography and related techniques. 

Let CRYPTAS support your secure communications in the Internet of Things and build trust.


Embedded software is pervasive in today’s products, from vehicles and mobile phones to industrial machinery. During the lifetime of a product, its software is frequently updated to include bug fixes as well as feature enhancements. Such updates carry significant risks, as malicious actors may insert malware to modify a product's behavior in dangerous or otherwise undesirable ways. Code signing, and a well-designed validation mechanism for such signatures, is the universal toolkit for product manufacturers to ensure the authenticity and integrity of updates and feature enhancements of their products.

CRYPTAS supports you in designing and implementing a secure code signing infrastructure.


Unique identification of employees and other authorized personnel is the foundation of any security policy in enterprises and organizations. Employee and visitor badges can be used for physical access (door locks) and computer access, for visual identification, and for add-on functions such as wallets. Virtual smart cards complement such scenarios and provide ease of use and performance enhancements. Deploying smart card solutions requires a deeper understanding of and integration with the organization’s business processes and back-end systems.

CRYPTAS supports you in the implementation of multi-purpose and multi-function smart card deployments.