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Our online signing service allows you to quickly and easily trigger document signatures from your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Conveniently and online using our web interface.

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Step 1:
Visit our online shop and purchase your personal primesign MOBILE signing certificate, including your personal primesign PREMIUM account for our online signing service. You will receive a VOUCHER CODE.

The primesign MOBILE signing certificate is issued online within minutes based on your mobile phone and immediately ready for use! With primesign MOBILE, documents are signed with an eIDAS-compliant qualified signature - lawful and secure.


All-you-can-sign:  Our current store offer starts from €178.00 per year (excl. tax) - includes the certificate issuance, the creation and use of the primesign PREMIUM account for our online signing service, and an unlimited number of signature transactions (fair use principle.)

Step 2:
Visit our primesign OnBoarding Service, log in with your VOUCHER CODE, fill in your registration data, and identify yourself via video boarding or via eID (e.g., German Identity Card, ID Austria/Austrian mobile phone signature). After successful identification, set your login data for primesign MOBILE as well as for your primesign PREMIUM account for our online signing service. You will then receive your qualified signing certificate.

Step 3:
Sign your documents! The qualified signing certificate is immediately ready for use.