Maintenance and Support

Our commitment - from components to the end-to-end solution.


Customized support packages for lasting benefits.

Today, cryptography-based IT security is deeply embedded in the IT infrastructure of companies and requires a meticulously coordinated interaction between numerous components. This results in complex, tightly wired systems that often make minor or major hurdles in everyday IT work time-consuming and challenging. We serve as a central point of contact and provide you with rapid and reliable support - from components to multi-vendor solutions. If required, we also focus on the use of customer-specific test environments.

The operation and further development of IT security solutions require specific know-how and extensive, detailed knowledge in the most diverse areas of the IT infrastructure. In order to assess the impact of changes and take appropriate measures, it is obligatory to have a deep understanding of the interrelationships and dependencies within the operating process, as well as a comprehensive overview on both a technical and organizational level. To guarantee a high level of efficiency in IT operations, it is, therefore, necessary to have a maintenance and support model that is optimal for the company.

CRYPTAS offers various predefined as well as individual maintenance and support models, which also enable the implementation of demanding KPIs. A detailed maintenance plan ensures that applications are available with an up-to-date, quality-assured status, resulting in the guaranteed usability of all functions and basic system properties. In addition, our support offers flexible service packages which are customer-specific and demand-oriented. For example, comprehensive services in the areas of operation, training, and consulting as well as a 24/7 on-call service are available. The provision of customer-specific test environments completes our range of services.


Maintenance and support services for your IT security infrastructure that are tailored to your needs make it possible to deploy your own company's IT staff in a targeted manner and to a sufficient extent in the core business of a company. This eliminates the need for establishing special know-how for the operation and further expansion of the IT security infrastructure, as well as hiring additional highly qualified personnel.

In the age of extensive digitization, data encryption and the use of certificates are essential for securing business processes. The secure operation of a respective IT security infrastructure is therefore one of the central pillars of business continuity management. With the 24/7 premium support package, we offer you the security of knowing that experts are available at all times to take appropriate measures to minimize downtime and mitigate risks in the event of a malfunction.


  • Support for multi-vendor solutions
  • Customer-specific test environments at CRYPTAS
  • Proactive maintenance measures to eliminate vulnerabilities in sufficient time before a potential malfunction occurs
  • Preventive risk management for critical failure scenarios
  • Hardware exchange and handling of repair modalities
  • Replacement equipment for the duration of a repair
  • Permanent quality improvement process
  • Comprehensive support in operation and further development
  • 24/7 on-call service
  • Technical and organizational mapping of security processes
  • Service management processes oriented to the ITIL standard
  • Flexible and demand-oriented service packages
  • Many years of experience in the implementation and operation of IT security solutions

With a comprehensive maintenance plan and preventive measures, CRYPTAS ensures that all components of an application are kept at an up-to-date, quality-assured status. Thus, the availability of all functions and basic system properties such as system uptime, reliability, or scalability are always guaranteed.

In the event of a fault report, a proven process model is used for root cause analysis, impact and risk assessment, and debugging. This covers all steps of the troubleshooting process - from alerting and notifying system users to testing and applying corrective patches.

For critical malfunctions, a qualified on-call service is available 24/7, 365 days a year. This ensures a rapid restoration of stable service operation.

Consistent quality assurance and continuous quality improvement are among the cornerstones of our support process. Daily experience from technical and organizational processes provides valuable insight for continued optimization.

Regardless of whether you opt for a basic maintenance package or secure comprehensive support for daily operations with an all-in comfort package: CRYPTAS offers a flexible combination of maintenance and support services, ensuring your needs are always addressed in a targeted manner.


  • Deployment and commissioning of patches, updates, and upgrades
  • Diagnosis and root cause analysis for malfunction and problem reports as well as impact analysis
  • Quality assurance measures before each system or configuration change
  • Inquiries and messages via email, telephone, or web portal
  • Reporting of KPIs


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