primesign MOBILE SEAL - our qualified electronic company seal

Sign or seal documents as a company and strengthen trust. Now also for EPREL registration!

With a qualified electronic seal, you as a company confirm the integrity as well as the origin of a document and thus ensure its authenticity on a legal basis. The qualified electronic seal serves as electronic company stamp and is legally accepted throughout the EU in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation.

For registration with some EU-wide applications, such as the European Product Registry for Energy Labelling (EPREL database), there is the need for companies to have an electronic seal for electronic verification.

Get the primesign MOBILE SEAL and have your company quickly and easily registered in the EPREL database!


With the primesign MOBILE SEAL, PDF documents can be sealed quickly and conveniently using our online signing service. The primesign MOBILE SEAL is available as an annual package for €390.00 excl. tax per year. The annual package includes:

  • The issuance of a qualified primesign MOBILE SEAL certificate (in the name of your company)
  • A primesign PREMIUM account for our online signing service
  • An unlimited number of signature or seal transactions per year (fair use principle)


Note: In the course of the application, you will also receive a personal primesign MOBILE signing certificate (qualified signing certificate according to eIDAS). In addition to the seal certificate, the signing certificate can be used for personal electronic signatures (certificate and transactions are included in the price).


IMPORTANT: Only a person authorized to represent the company can apply for a qualified seal, and thus for our primesign MOBILE SEAL. The primesign MOBILE SEAL is currently only issued to companies located in Austria.

Step 1 - Order:
Purchase the primesign MOBILE SEAL in our store and provide your email address. You will receive an order confirmation.

Step 2 - Contacting & Registration:
A primesign employee will contact you, explain the further procedure to receive primesign MOBILE SEAL, and send you the necessary documents (instructions for the registration process, signature contract, General Terms and Conditions, additional information, and VOUCHER code). Registration takes place online and requires identification via video as well as the submission of further proof, such as an excerpt from the company register. After successful identification and verification of the proof documents, you will receive your primesign MOBILE SEAL certificate.

Step 4 - Sealing:
Your qualified primesign MOBILE SEAL certificate is ready for use. Upload a document in the web interface of our online signing service and approve the seal by entering your primesign MOBILE SEAL credentials. Done!

Any questions? Need more information?

For questions regarding the status of your registration process, please contact the primesign employee who contacted you personally. For questions after registration, please contact our support team directly: